Work For Yourself, Not By Yourself

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Still working from home? Put down your cat, come in and enjoy our fast wifi and strong coffee.

Fort Work is an open-to-all coworking space located in the heart of Downtown Dallas. Our members are a delightful cross-section of leaders in the Art, Business, and Technology communities.

We work better together, so come work alongside the community of coworkers you won’t find at home or at that loud cafe across the street.

Our Community

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  • Everything to the left plus:
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$ 199

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  • Everything to the left plus:
  • Work From Your Own Dedicated Desk
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What is Coworking

Our Philosophy

Coworking inverts the traditional office model where workers plug into an office to satisfy the needs of the office.

In coworking, the office satisfies the needs of the workers and there is no single business entity that “runs” the office.

We are an office of independents that run this ship together. We show up because we want to, not because we get paid to.

It’s a new concept (started in 2004 in SF,CA), but spreading rapidly, and a lot better than working out of a Starbucks.

Coworking Core Values