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Still working from home? Put down your cat, come in and enjoy our fast wifi and strong coffee.

Fort Work is an open-to-all coworking space located in the heart of Downtown Dallas. Our members are a delightful cross-section of leaders in the Art, Business, and Technology communities.

We work better together, so come work alongside the community of coworkers you won’t find at home or at that loud cafe across the street.

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What is coworking at Fort Work all about? The best way to find out is to come in and spend some time with us! Contact us using the form below and we can set up a tour or a free trial day!


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Part-Time Flex-Desk


  • 2 Days/Week Fort Work Access
  • Work from FlexDesks in Open Space
  • Featured As Member Online

Full-Time Flex-DeskMost Popular


  • 24/7 Fort Work Access
  • Work from FlexDesks in Open Space
  • Featured As Member Online
  • Contribute to Our Community / Blog
  • Mailbox Included
  • Access to the Conference Room

Dedicated Office


  • 24/7 Fort Work Access
  • Work From Your Own Dedicated Desk
  • Featured As Member Online
  • Contribute to Our Community / Blog
  • Mailbox Included
  • 2 Guest Passes / Month

In The Blog


Fort Work Front Line Mentioned On Fast Company

Fort Work front line was mentioned on this Fast Company article about models of free coworking by Jared Lindzon: The article was primarily about the freemium model of Seats2Meet, a Dutch company that offers over 300,000 seats to work at in dense parts of cities across Europe. Towards the end, I’m quoted about my... View Article


Pledge of Neutrality

PLEDGE OF NEUTRALITY On behalf of Dallas Fort Work, I, Oren Salomon, pledge to maintain a neutral stance on gender, race, religion, age, or any other demographic factor that would exclude an individual or group of individuals from participating in an activity within our community.  DEFINITIONS Neutral - demonstrating no favor or advantage to any... View Article

Dallas Pitch Prize Brand

Dallas Pitch Prize Results

Click here to see the scoring from all the judges and every Twitter handle. 


Independent Coffee Shops near Fort Work

For many of us, coffee is the most important “meal” of the day- it’s part of our daily routine and if we don’t have it, our whole routine is off. Below is a comprised list of Independent Coffee Shops near Fort Work, which are both easy on your wallet and taste buds. The Pearl Cup... View Article


Bring Your Dog to Fort Work!

It’s 8:30 a.m. and you’re racing out the door on your way to a meeting, as your morning checklist is running though your head. Wallet? Check. Phone? Check. Keys? Check. And as you look down to open the door to leave you see the saddest eyes staring back up at you. You know what they are saying, “Why are you leaving me?”


Introducing the Fort Work Front Line — APPLY TODAY!

The Front Line program trades time for a Fort Work membership. You volunteer 1 day (approximately 10 hours) of your time per week for 6 months where you work at the Front Desk. In exchange, we give you 6 months of a Full Time membership, which include 24/7/365 access to Fort Work, a mailbox, and all the other benefits of Fort Work.

Want a Private Office at Fort Work?